Another Brick in the Wall Musical Opera Review

Another Brick in the Wall Musical Opera Review

The Wall is a concept album by Pink Floyd that tells a story in 26 songs. It is a cautionary tale of a disaffected and disconnected rock star who, as his life crumbles, builds a metaphorical wall around himself.

Wall Musical opera

Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera is based on Roger Waters’s 1979 album The Wall and features original words and music by the former Pink Floyd bassist. Composer Julien Bilodeau and director Dominic Champagne have adapted the music to create a full opera with eight soloists, 48 chorus members, and a 70-piece orchestra.


The cast of Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera is composed of a variety of talented singers who perform in English and French. The cast includes baritone Nathan Keoughan, mezzo-soprano Gillian Lynn Cotter, sopranos France Bellemare and Caroline Bleau, and tenor Etienne Dupuis.

Actors and musicians in the cast of Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera wear costumes that represent the era when the album was released, blending into the ambiance of 1970s London. This makes for an intimate experience as Pink (Nathan Keoughan) and his bandmates (Caroline Bleau and France Bellemare) navigate the challenges of being rock stars while trying to maintain a personal connection with their fans.

This production has a sense of humor and whimsy, especially in how the characters respond to the audience. As a result, the performance is more accessible to a wider range of audiences than a traditional opera.

Adapted for the stage by Julien Bilodeau, Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera presents a more contemporary take on Waters’s iconic lyrics and music than his original album. The resulting product is more than just a tribute to one of Pink Floyd’s most celebrated works: It’s also a timely evocation of contemporary issues facing our society today, including the rising threat of violence.

Another Brick in the Wall – The Opera

It is currently being produced by Cincinnati Opera and Montreal Opera as well as many other regional and international companies. Its world premiere was at the Opera de Montreal in March 2017.

Johnny Ranger designs the opera’s production. It features two immense movable panels that project computer-generated backdrops, strobe lights, and other eye-popping visual effects that add to the psychedelic mood of the piece. The set design departs from the lavishly designed classical opera sets common in this genre.

The Opera

A harrowing and thought-provoking exploration of the human condition, Another Brick in the Wall will appeal to opera buffs and Pink Floyd fans alike.

Composer Julien Bilodeau has written an engaging score for this opera that brings a fresh perspective to the story of The Wall. Whether or not this version will be a hit is yet to be seen.

The production of Another Brick in the Wall was a highly successful world premiere at the Opera de Montreal. It is now making its American debut with Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall. The stage production was a big hit with the audience and garnered standing ovations.