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Another Brick In The Wall Opera

Learn about a child's struggles and his upbringing through the medium of an opera production. Keep scrolling to explore more about the show and the people that have been behind its success of the show.

Original Words And Music

Discover creative music composed of words that will enthrall you during the performance and have a cathartic effect on you.

Great Enthusiasm

You can witness a great deal of enthusiasm in the characters as well as in the audiences through the perfect portrayal of the opera.

Concept And Stage Direction

The concept of the opera, the set design, and the stage direction are all done by professionals to make sure the show leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

About The Show

A little kid named Pink, who grows up in an unhappy environment and battles the traumas of his youth, is the subject of Pink Floyd's three-part rock opera "Another Brick in the Wall."

Original Pink Floyd recordings and live performances by a group of singers and musicians make up the soundtrack.

The production tells Pink's life story from birth through adulthood using rock music, opera, and digital components.

An iconic song from "Another Brick in the Wall Part II," which emphasizes the concept of childhood oppression and lends the production a sense of authenticity and emotional resonance.




Since he wrote the libretto and worked as an executive producer and creative consultant for the production, Roger Waters is regarded as one of the most significant figures in the play.



Alain Trudel, a Canadian conductor with a strong experience in classical music who has led orchestras and ensembles all over the world, was in charge of directing the orchestra during the opera production.



The music of Pink Floyd inspired Julien Bilodeau's own compositions, which were incorporated into the production alongside Pink Floyd's original recordings.



The intricate and aesthetically gorgeous sets for the opera staging of "Another Brick in the Wall" were created by Canadian set designer Stéphane Roy. Roy has designed sets for various theatre shows and has garnered multiple awards for his works.



Canadian theatre director Dominic Champagne brought the opera to life by crafting a theatrical production that adhered to the original ideas and spirit of Pink Floyd's rock opera.



Marie-Chantal Vaillancourt, a Canadian costume designer who has worked on numerous theatrical plays and has garnered numerous accolades for her work, is in charge of creating intricate and visually amazing costumes.

Another Brick In The Wall Opera Synopsis!

An opera called "Another Brick in the Wall" is a stage version of Pink Floyd's well-known rock opera "The Wall." The narrative follows Pink's journey, a rock star who faces both personal and cultural challenges that cause him to isolate himself emotionally.

  • Act 1 opens with a young Pink mourning his father's death during World War II.
  • In Act 2, Pink faces his inner demons, such as his strained relationship with his mother and his worry that he might resemble his emotionally unavailable and aloof father.
  • Pink ultimately confronts his inner demons in Act 3 and tears down the protective wall he has constructed around himself. The last scenes see him coming to terms with his background and discovering a means to interact with others around him.
  • The plot is portrayed throughout the play using a combination of music, drama, and visual components, such as projections, fireworks, and ornate sets and costumes. The end result is a powerful and intense theatrical performance that tackles issues of loneliness, identity, and the desire for interpersonal connection.

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Musical Opera

Another Brick in the Wall Musical Opera Review

The Wall is a concept album by Pink Floyd that tells a story in 26 songs. It is a cautionary tale of a disaffected and disconnected rock star who, as his life crumbles, builds a metaphorical wall around himself. Wall Musical opera Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera is based on Roger Waters’s 1979 album The Wall and features original words and music by the former Pink Floyd bassist. Composer Julien Bilodeau and director Dominic Champagne have adapted the music to create a full opera with eight soloists, 48 chorus members, and a 70-piece orchestra.


The cast of Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera is composed of a variety of talented singers who perform in English and French. The cast includes baritone Nathan Keoughan, mezzo-soprano Gillian Lynn Cotter, sopranos France Bellemare and Caroline Bleau, and tenor Etienne Dupuis. Actors and musicians in the cast of Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera wear costumes that represent the era when the album was released, blending into the ambiance of 1970s London. This makes for an intimate experience as Pink (Nathan Keoughan) and his bandmates (Caroline Bleau and France Bellemare) navigate the challenges of being rock stars while trying to maintain a personal connection with their fans. This production has a sense of humor and whimsy, especially in how the characters respond to the audience. As a result, the performance is more accessible to a wider range of audiences than a traditional opera. Adapted for the stage by Julien Bilodeau, Another Brick in the Wall Musical opera presents a more contemporary take on Waters’s iconic lyrics and music than his original album. The resulting product is more than just a tribute to one of Pink Floyd’s most celebrated works: It’s also a timely evocation of contemporary issues facing our society today, including the rising threat of violence.

Another Brick in the Wall – The Opera

It is currently being produced by Cincinnati Opera and Montreal Opera as well as many other regional and international companies. Its world premiere was at the Opera de Montreal in March 2017. Johnny Ranger designs the opera’s production. It features two immense movable panels that project computer-generated backdrops, strobe lights, and other eye-popping visual effects that add to the psychedelic mood of the piece. The set design departs from the lavishly designed classical opera sets common in this genre. The Opera A harrowing and thought-provoking exploration of the human condition, Another Brick in the Wall will appeal to opera buffs and Pink Floyd fans alike. Composer Julien Bilodeau has written an engaging score for this opera that brings a fresh perspective to the story of The Wall. Whether or not this version will be a hit is yet to be seen. The production of Another Brick in the Wall was a highly successful world premiere at the Opera de Montreal. It is now making its American debut with Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall. The stage production was a big hit with the audience and garnered standing ovations.
Another Brick

The Creative Process of Another Brick in the Wall Musical Opera

In an era of political uncertainty and the rise of fascism, Pink Floyd’s 1979 concept album The Wall may seem like an unlikely candidate for a rock opera. But Quebec composer Julien Bilodeau’s Another Brick in the Wall, based on Waters’ lyrics, is a unique take on the genre that defies the traditional notions of rock music and aims to tell a story that would be impossible to convey in conventional musical form.

The creative process

When Pierre Dufour, director of Opera de Montreal, first approached Roger Waters about creating a musical version of The Wall, he didn’t expect that Waters would be interested in making it an opera. But after hearing Bilodeau’s proposal, Waters immediately endorsed it and signed on as the singer of Pink in the opera.

At the time, Dufour had been working with Waters on his previous work, Les Feluettes, which was also created from a novel concept. While rehearsing for the latter, he had been listening to The Wall and realized that it could be the perfect basis for an opera.

“I think it is a great idea,” Dufour said, adding that he felt The Wall’s strong narrative structure and thematic elements make it a great fit for an opera. And so he began to work on a draft of the libretto.

The production process

Once that was approved, it was time to write the score. The team began with the lyrics and adapted them to suit an opera’s needs, meaning that each song is written for the specific character who sings it. The opera is about a man named Pink, whose life comes back to him in flashbacks after he collapses in a hospital. The lyrics tell the story of a broken man who has constructed an emotional wall that he builds around himself to isolate himself from the world.

There are some striking moments in the opera, such as Pink’s girlfriend attending a protest where police beat down prisoners. And the way that the riot-police swoop in to chase down prisoners in slow motion is harrowing.

But the opera doesn’t always succeed in achieving its symphonic vision. The vocalists’ performance is not always as smooth as it should be, and some dialogue isn’t quite right.

Musical Opera

It explains why it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the singers and what they are doing at any given moment.

Despite the speed of the production, however, it remains a fascinating look at how a band can take their music and create something new from it. It’s a testament to how artistic directors and performers are willing to embrace change and try to create new works with fresh perspectives, even in a world where everything is becoming more standardized and predictable.

Wall Musical Opera

Why People Love Another Brick in the Wall Musical Opera

For many, prog-rock and opera have always seemed an unlikely pairing. Yet, when composer Julien Bilodeau and playwright Dominic Champagne adapted Pink Floyd’s groundbreaking 1979 album The Wall for the Stage, it changed the music world. The result is an entirely new genre: the musical opera.

The opening scene of Another Brick in the Wall at Music Hall strips away the glitz and glamour of a typical opera. Rather than most operas’ extravagant sets and costumes, a simple curtain rises to reveal a bare backstage view of an arena-style concert filled with flashing lights and a rowdy crowd.

This scene is a recreation of an incident at a Pink Floyd concert in 1977. During the performance, Pink invited a fan to climb onstage. When the fan spit in Pink’s face, Waters became agitated. He mused about building a wall between himself and his fans.

It is a frank and often poignant story of isolation and alienation, a theme that’s as relevant today as ever. The opera’s creators tapped into that sentiment, crafting a tale of an isolated rock star who builds a psychological wall around himself.

In this case, Pink constructs his wall to protect himself from trauma and loneliness. But unfortunately, throughout his life, he endures a series of traumatic events that eventually become his source of isolation.

 Wall Musical Opera

Ultimately, however, the protagonist’s relationship with himself heals and allows him to reconnect with others. Whether it’s through his father’s death, a disastrous marriage, or a series of rage-fueled benders, Pink eventually reclaims his life and rebuilds his walls.

Aside from a few rearranged lyrics, Another Brick in the Wall keeps most of the songs’ original melodic themes and vocal lines. That may seem daunting initially, but it’s important to remember that the alterations don’t mean Bilodeau changed everything about the original compositions.

One of the most notable alterations is in the song “Part 2,” originally written as a single track to be used as a part of the album The Wall but has since been interpreted as a protest against corporal punishment and rigid school systems. However, the song has been embraced by conservatives who see it as an anti-establishment chant.

This interpretation has led to some controversy, with Waters arguing that he doesn’t agree that such an approach is appropriate. However, he also points out that he has never been a fan of governmental corruption and has consistently denounced it in his work.

The other major change in this adaptation is the presence of a children’s choir. The chorus is an integral component of the story, and in this version, it plays a much bigger role than it did in the original.

In the original version, Pink’s parents are just a voice in the background, but they’ve fully developed characters here. In addition, the character of his sadistic teacher is fleshed out with a full cast of voices.

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Carlos S. Martino

"The opera show was powerful and visually stunning, combining the energy and passion of a rock concert with the emotional depth and storytelling of opera, giving me an unforgettable theatrical experience."

Carlos S. Martino

Cincinnati Opera's 'Another Brick in the Wall' is an
Entertaining, Cathartic Trip!